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In 2010, Librepensadores de Washington DC formed as an informal social group in an effort to attract and educate Hispanic Americans about critical thinking skills, skepticism, and the questioning of supernatural claims. Ten months later, the group decided to formalize the organization registering as a non-profit corporation. Almost immediately, the group voted to rename itself to Hispanic American Freethinkers, Inc. and to focus not just in the Washington, DC area, but the entire United States of America.  At this time the IRS approved their non-profit 501(c)(3) status, which they’ve kept current ever since. After eight years, HAFree keeps working forwards its goals. ​

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

The mission of the non-profit educational organization known as Hispanic American Freethinkers, Inc. (HAFree) is to serve as a resource and support to all Hispanic freethinkers in promoting the search for truth through science, rational thought, skepticism, humanism, logic, and the scientific criticism of all un-natural (i.e. supernatural) claims and dogmas. It encourages the rational evaluation of faith-based myths, the support of the Constitutional idea of state and church separation, secular values, promotion of critical thinking in general as well as absolute freedom of conscience. 


Our Vision

We are working on making our organization a platform for all Latino communities in America where we all can share our knowledge and grow up together as a family






President & Founder

David Tamayo is president and founder of Hispanic American Freethinkers, (HAFree) which is the first and only national Latino non-profit educational organization of its kind. He is also Chief Information Officer for a large aerospace engineering firm in D.C. David is the organizer of the HAFree High School Outreach Mentor Program to Latino and immigrant students teaching Critical Thinking Skills and Career Planning.


David sponsors and assists 10 teams cybersecurity teams at Langley High School competing in the U.S Air Force National CyberPatriot Competition. He is Vice President and founder of the Hispanic Business and Technology Council, a non-profit that educates young Hispanics to become IT leaders.​

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Adriana Buenaventura Martinez joined HAFree in 2015 as a director. She is a 2018 Human Rights and Gender & the Law Master’s candidate at American University Washington College of Law.


Currently, Adriana is a fellow of the Critical Thinking Unit Program, of the AHA Foundation and Ideas Beyond Borders, which organizes and hosts impartial debates in topics such as women’s rights, freedom of speech and religion at Colleges’ campuses around the US. In 2018, she was awarded the O’hair Scholarship by American Atheists in recognition of her activism toward secular equality under the law for all Americans, and she joined the Association of Atheists of Bogota. She is also the president of the Secular Student Alliance group at American University, and a Law Clerck at American Atheists´ legal department. 



Adriana is interested in the interception of religious dogmas and human rights violations.




David joined HAFree as director in 2017. He has been involved with HAFree since 2014 as a volunteer and IT consultant. Also, he has volunteered to other secular organizations: Center For Inquiry, Richard Dawkins Foundation, and Secular Student Alliance.


David is a computer scientist currently doing a Ph.D. in Software Engineering at George Mason University. He has been awarded the Dean’s Fellow by the Volgenau School at GMU, a Doctoral Fellow by the Fulbright Commission, and a Young Researcher Fellow by Colciencias.


David interests are activism for the defense of minorities rights, separation of church and state, and empowering Latino communities to obtain knowledge related to critical thinking.

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Emmanuel Donate received a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras. He graduated from law school and became a licensed attorney in Georgia practicing in family law, criminal defense, and immigration. Emmanuel is currently enrolled at the University of Georgia as a PhD student with a research focus in observational astrophysics.